What’s An Information Professional aka “Info Pro”?

As I’ve recently been asked this question, I thought it appropriate to post a short answer.  My simple definition:  someone gives me an assignment; (hopefully a challenging one), and the thrill of the hunt begins.  I lose all track of time while engaged in figuring out the puzzle, winding through the maze, finding a piece here and another piece there.  The thrill of the hunt culminates with a sense of satisfaction as all parts and pieces come together and are made useful in the form of an answer, solution, analysis, or report that educates, enriches, and enlightens.

For a more “formal” definition: in general, information professionals provide services such as research, analysis, information management and /or consulting services.  Some may choose to specialize, for example, in medical, public records, or business research, to mention a few.

My specialty leans towards business research, which includes such areas as:

  • market-research
  •  competitive intelligence analysis– Using a variety of research and analytical skills to compile information (little data) on a company or industry and bring it together for “big picture” insight
  • information audits – Discovering, in-depth, what an organization’s information needs are and making recommendations as to what information sources should be acquired, and how these sources should be distributed within the organization

It is difficult to explain in our current “just-google-it” world that there are many resources outside of what is generally referred to as “the web”.  Not only is there the “deep web”, but assignments can take me off-line to courthouses, libraries, and universities.

Right now, Not On Your Plate, offers “light” information subscriptions.  These subscriptions are designed to bridge the gap between: 1) “not enough” information; i.e. Siri® can’t answer or complete the request, and 2) relieve frustration due to partial or incomplete information, by bringing in real humans to coordinate and complete the task.

And, on that note, I will wrap up today’s post!  If you have questions; just ask! That’s what we’re here for!

Enjoy the long weekend,

Not On Your Plate

P.S.  I’m tired of life being all work and no fun,–so here are a few, fun, “out of this world” sites to explore:



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